San Francisco, October 13, 2015 – The simulation solutions within Siemens’ comprehensive NX™ software offering that perform thermal and fluid flow analysis are now available on Rescale’s on-demand, dynamically scalable, cloud simulation and high-performance computing (HPC) platform. With Siemens’ NX™ Nastran® software already available on Rescale, this addition provides customers a broader selection of Siemens’ simulation products powered by the largest worldwide network of HPC hardware. The Rescale simulation platform seamlessly integrates simulation software with customizable HPC infrastructure and makes these resources available to users directly through a web browser. The platform helps engineers and scientists reduce product development time, which can result in improved efficiency, increased innovation, higher product quality and faster time-to-market.

There is a common trend across all major manufacturing industries to simulate larger and more complex models, to explore more design alternatives through simulation and to simulate multiple physics domains such as structural, thermal, and flow behavior. Access to Siemens’ solvers for these different disciplines on Rescale provides companies, large and small, with flexibility in their HPC investments. This solution enables engineers to easily run design-of-experiments (DOE), multidisciplinary design explorations and stand-alone or multi-solver simulations, resulting in cost-effective, large scale simulations that more thoroughly evaluate design options.

“We are excited to expand the portfolio of simulation tools available on Rescale’s simulation platform with NX Flow and NX Thermal solvers,” said Jim Rusk, Senior Vice President, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. “As customers increasingly look to move to more flexible, scalable and high performing computing options, Rescale helps enhance our core set of leading simulation products with a robust, secure, online service available across their global network.”

Engineers can access NX solvers on the Rescale cloud environment either using their own software licenses or by using licenses provided by Rescale on a pay-per use basis. The latter method gives users significant flexibility to meet their varying computing needs. This option also now offers a pre-paid discount that provides more value to customers.

“Rescale values our strong partnership with Siemens PLM Software and is pleased to make more Siemens simulation tools available to our mutual customers on Rescale’s platform,” said Joris Poort, Chief Executive Officer, Rescale. “By continuing to offer flexible hourly pricing models for the NX solver portfolio, Siemens PLM Software reinforces its position as a technology and thought leader in the simulation industry during the massive shift from legacy on-premise systems to agile cloud HPC platforms and on-demand simulation software deployment models.”

To learn more about Siemens partnership with Rescale and how it benefits simulation, users can attend the webinar “Accelerate the Process of Engineering Design with NX Thermal/Flow on Rescale” on September xx, 2015 at 8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time). A live simulation will be performed to demonstrate the power and ease-of-use of running NX Thermal/Flow on Rescale’s cloud simulation platform. Users can register here.

For information on NX Flow and NX Thermal, visit To read the Siemens announcements, click here.

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, systems and services with over nine million licensed seats and more than 77,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with its customers to provide industry software solutions that help companies everywhere achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by making real the innovations that matter. For more information on Siemens PLM Software products and services, visit

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ShipFlow Rescale

San Francisco, October 6, 2015 – SHIPFLOW users can now perform simulations on the Rescale cloud high performance computing (HPC) platform. This gives users the ability to immediately scale up their computer resources during computation intensive periods. Smaller organizations will also find it beneficial to use an agile, pay-on-demand pricing model that allows them to compete in the engineering and science markets without having the large capital expense of building out an internal cluster.

Cloud computing will be beneficial for users that do not want to invest in in-house hardware for their computations, and for those that need additional computational resources during peak periods”, said Leif Broberg, managing director at FLOWTECH International AB. “Regulations by IMO to reduce the CO2 emissions from newly built ships has intensified the use of computational methods to achieve efficient hydrodynamic designs. With the short time available for the initial design, utilization of Rescale’s high-performance computing cloud can ensure that the designs are delivered on time.

This strategic partnership allows SHIPFLOW users to take advantage of Rescale’s intuitive platform, customizable hardware, and 100,000+ core capacity to drastically accelerate their simulations, run multiple jobs in parallel, and gain valuable design insights. “We’re very excited about the recent release of SHIPFLOW on Rescale’s platform, enabling SHIPFLOW users to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and fully maximize their product innovation and development,” said Rescale CEO, Joris Poort.

FLOWTECH International AB with its product SHIPFLOW is the market leading developer and supplier of Computational Fluid Dynamics software packages for the Marine Industry. The package is designed to streamline the hull form, appendage and propulsion design process with a clear focus on optimisation in order to minimize energy consumption. Top shipyards, consultants and universities are among the SHIPFLOW users. Developed by naval architects, physicists and numerical analysts the software is optimised for ship hydrodynamics design. Specialisation means SHIPFLOW is efficient and user-friendly. Grids are automatically generated, resistance and propulsion data are presented in the naval architect’s way and the solvers are adapted for hull geometries. Over the past twenty five years SHIPFLOW has developed into the world standard for ship hydrodynamics CFD. For more information on FLOWTECH, visit

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