Stuttgart, Germany — Rescale is pleased to announce that it has become a full member of the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart, or asc(s. The asc(s is a non-profit organization promoting high-performance simulation in virtual vehicle development. It consists of automotive OEMs and suppliers, software and hardware manufacturers, engineering service providers, and research institutes.


The vehicle design-to-manufacturing process is becoming increasingly simulation driven, but the sheer number of components and systems in a modern car makes multi-disciplinary design for crashworthiness, NVH, durability, fatigue, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, and fluid flow extremely challenging. Fortunately, simulation software and high-performance hardware have both made huge gains in capability over recent years and it’s now possible to simulate complex multi-physics system problems and even run large design of experiments (DOEs) and optimizations on scalable cloud data center hardware. Many IT departments with on-premise capacity are struggling to support cutting-edge applications such as deep learning for autonomous driving and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation, making cloud or hybrid-cloud simulation highly attractive.  

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This article was written by Rescale.