San Francisco, CA – Xplicit Computing, Inc. and Rescale, Inc. are excited to announce a partnership to offer X2 Firebird on Rescale’s ScaleX platform. X2 Firebird will be deployed as the first on-demand, cloud-only numerical simulation software for scientists and engineers on Rescale. X2 Firebird leverages the latest in systems programming and parallel computing, enabling real-time team collaboration on complex technical projects. This new heterogeneous computing platform delivers immense double-precision GPU speed-up, yielding significant value improvement over CPU-based solutions (starting with fluid dynamics and structural statics).

X2 Firebird will become available on October 15th on the ScaleX platform. X2 Firebird does not require users to buy or rent a perpetual license. Xplicit Computing will charge a flat per user hourly rate for software access. The first 1000 registered users will receive a 60-day free trial. Join the beta for early access.

X2 Firebird integrates systems, geometry, physics, and graphics into a modern platform to improve the engineering design and optimization process and user experience.

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This article was written by Rescale.