The Greek philosopher Diogenes kept dogs that served as emblems of his cynic philosophy.

San Francisco, Calif., October 1, 2018 – I believe balance should be a welcomed philosophy for most (if not all) areas of life. Whether in business, or personal life, seeking balance can give us a deeper understanding of the true complexity of problems. Practically speaking, sometimes this means sitting down, shedding years of learning from experience, and listening closely to your strongest critic’s arguments as innocently as possible. Usually you will discover that your opponent’s view is based on a completely different context–and sometimes, when those contexts are harmonized, you have an opportunity to reach a surprising level of agreement.

At Rescale, it is not a secret that we LOVE SaaS platforms. So much so, that all of our internal business tools, whether mail, data, HR, finance, expensing, and performance reviews are all cloud-enabled platforms. There isn’t even a NAS storage device when you go to a Rescale office… we barely have a single file cabinet with physical “things.”

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This article was written by Robert Combier.