This interview was translated and adapted from an interview appearing in “CAD & Graphics,” a South Korean magazine. Original article was written by reporter Park Kyongsu and is available here

LSIS is interested in building a universal high-performance computing (HPC) cloud-based CAE platform. LSIS is introducing a CAE cloud service provided by Rescale, a cloud HPC service company, to lead a revolution in existing production methods. Rescale offers a variety of HPC services such as engineering design, scientific calculations, machine learning, and on-demand cloud HPC services that add scalability and security reliability in a cost-effective way. I met with CEO Joris Poort, who visited LSIS recently, and Yoo Sung-Ryul, a senior researcher at LSIS Research Center.

Rescale CEO Joris Poort and LSIS Senior Researcher Yoo Sung-yeol

Rescale CEO, Joris Poort CEO & LSIS Senior Researcher, Yoo Sung-Ryul

LSIS needed an HPC solution for CAE and CAD.

Yoo Sung-Ryul: LSIS created an organization called C2 in the second half of 2015, whose ongoing mission is to build an effective and reliable system to support CAE and CAD. The goal is to build a system for our in-house engineers to use anytime, anywhere without any limitations.

However, the cost of building a private HPC platform was more than 5 million USD, which was cost-prohibitive. The cost of building an HPC data center was so high that it made a lot of sense to move to the public cloud.

In the first half of 2016, we were introduced to Rescale through a meeting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and are now building a platform for CAE simulation work in the cloud with Rescale.

How does Rescale’s CAE cloud platform compare to an on-premise system?

Rescale provides an on-demand, pay-per-use service for hardware and software. On the Rescale platform, CAE jobs can be run on a web-based GUI that requires only a few easy step-by-step clicks to complete. And it can also handle pre-processing and post-processing in the cloud.

Rescale supports a wide variety of software, which allows us to choose the right software for our business requirements. We can also configure our hardware by utilizing data centers around the world, and we can use as many cores as we want.

I think paying for software and hardware by actual usage is very effective. Multi-physics simulation, which requires very large models, is also very easy to run on Rescale’s platform. I expect this will shorten product development schedules and greatly improve the quality of our products.

Did you consider other CAE cloud platforms?

LSIS compared Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers AWS and Microsoft Azure for one year. Our main concern was whether we could use CAE software – like ANSYS, STAR-CCM+, and Abaqus – effectively on the cloud. To do so with AWS and Azure, we would have needed to invest a lot of time and money to install the software on their infrastructure ourselves.

Not many companies offer HPC platform services in the cloud like Rescale. There is a company called SimScale in Europe, which has a more limited software list and is less user-friendly. And they don’t have a branch office or partner in Korea. These factors led us to choose Rescale.

Yoo Sung-yeol photo

LSIS Senior Researcher, Yoo Sung-Ryul

What concerns did LSIS have when considering the CAE cloud?

The user experience on cloud-based operating systems is very different from that on local PCs. However, I think that companies need to change and innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. Typically, companies like us have to make large investments in software and hardware. But if you run your software on the cloud, you can save a lot of money in upfront capital investments.

The cloud environment is a big deal, but is there a burden on security or user experience?

We are approaching the adoption of Rescale step-by-step. The system will be operated as a pilot project in the first half of this year, and by the second half every CAE engineer will be using it. We expect both CAD and CAE engineers to be using Rescale’s platform starting next year.

From the perspective of the company, we had to monitor very detailed levels of CAE usage and overcome some internal resistance to introduce Rescale. But we can dramatically reduce our costs and shorten product development time. I think overall, the benefits of using a cloud service far outweigh the costs.

LSIS’ future plans

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of establishing an IT infrastructure is an enormous part of a company’s investment, and it will be very cost-effective for us to convert the capital cost of building an IT infrastructure into operating expenditures.

We are currently conducting final testing on the CAE cloud platform. We are examining various aspects in terms of cost and user experience. Based on our success with running CAE software in the cloud, we plan to support CAD and PLM on the cloud in the future.


Rescale GUI: software selection page


Running ANSYS through Rescale in-browser desktop visualization

Rescale Platform image

Cloud Computing HPC Simulation Platform

This article was written by Rescale.

San Francisco, CA — Rescale is pleased to announce a partnership with Computer Simulation Technology (CST®), part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand, that will allow engineers and scientists running simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE to easily access the world’s largest high-performance computing (HPC) network via Rescale’s ScaleX platform.

CST STUDIO SUITE is a best-in-class software package for electromagnetic simulation.  Customers often demand high-performance IT resources for large system-level simulation. Reducing run-times, particularly for multi-parameter optimization, can improve design throughput and the critical time-to-market for a product. Such IT resources are traditionally on-premise, but can incur large start-up and maintenance costs and can be redundant within 3 years as new technology comes along. Rescale offers an alternative scalable, secure and turn-key, cloud-based platform that now allows CST STUDIO SUITE to run on its worldwide network of high-performance computers, including the most state-of-the-art hardware available.

Under the new partnership, CST customers can bring their own licenses, and CST STUDIO SUITE will be available pre-configured on Rescale’s ScaleX platform. By accessing Rescale’s ScaleX platform through any browser, CST STUDIO SUITE users can run sophisticated engineering simulations on Rescale’s global multi-cloud HPC network of over 60 data centers in 30 plus locations worldwide. Demanding users can scale out to thousands of cores and choose hardware configurations optimized to the requirements of CST STUDIO SUITE’s complete technology portfolio, with options ranging from economical HPC configurations to cutting-edge bare metal systems, low-latency InfiniBand interconnect, and the latest Intel and NVIDIA GPU chipsets.

With Rescale’s ScaleX platform, enterprises can leverage built-in administration and collaboration tools to build teams, manage resources, and share jobs with team members.  Additionally, enterprise administrators can take advantage of best-in-class security features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and set IP access rights, on a platform that meets the highest security standards, including ISO 27001 and 27017, SOC2 Type 2, ITAR, and HIPAA.

“We are very excited to be partnering with CST, as a new part of the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes, said Joris Poort, CEO at Rescale.  “We believe that CST STUDIO SUITE users will benefit from the fast, flexible, secure, and huge on-demand resources that Rescale can bring to computationally-demanding tools, such as electromagnetic simulation.”

Dr. Martin Timm, Director Global Marketing at CST added, “CST STUDIO SUITE provides   comprehensive, advanced solving engines based on various numerical methods for world-class electromagnetic simulation. These engines run optimally on various types of hardware, and we believe that making them available on Rescale’s ScaleX platform will allow our customers access to the best possible performance across the whole suite of tools.”

Rescale is sponsoring the CST European User Conference 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany this week on April 27-28, 2017. Attend Rescale’s presentation or booth to discuss the advantages of running CST STUDIO SUITE on the cloud with Rescale.. Attend Rescale’s presentation or booth to discuss the advantages of running CST STUDIO SUITE on the cloud with Rescale.

About Rescale
Rescale is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top scientists and engineers to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private, and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world. For more information on Rescale’s ScaleX platform, visit

This article was written by Rescale.

Rescale, Inc.は、ダッソー・システムズ、SIMULIAブランド傘下のComputer Simulation Technology(CST®)社とパートナーシップを結び、Rescaleが提供する世界最大級のハイパフォーマンスコンピューティングプラットフォームであるScaleXにCST STUDIO SUITEをサポートし、エンジニアや科学者へ高性能シミュレーション環境を提供することを発表いたしました。

CST STUDIO SUITEは、電磁界シミュレーション用のクラス最高のソフトウェアパッケージです。顧客は、大規模なシステムレベルのシミュレーションに高性能のITリソースを必要とすることがよくあります。特にマルチパラメーター最適化では、ランタイムを短縮することによって設計に掛かる処理量と製品の市場投入までの時間を短縮できます。そのようなITリソースは伝統的にはオンプレミスで利用されていましたが、ハードウェア導入や設定、管理維持に多大コストが掛かるにもかかわらず、新しい技術の登場によって3年程度で陳腐化される傾向があります。 Rescaleは、この状況に対応する代替案になるスケーラブルでセキュアなターンキー型のクラウドプラットフォームを提供しています。CST STUDIO SUITEは、この最先端のハードウェアをサポートする世界でも有数な高性能コンピュータネットワーク上で動作します。

今回のパートナーシップによって、CSTのお客様は、RescaleのScaleXプラットフォームで事前設定がされたCST STUDIO SUITEを、既にお持ちのライセンスで利用することができるようになります。RescaleのScaleXプラットフォームはブラウザーからアクセスすることでき、CST STUDIO SUITEユーザーは世界中の30以上の地域にある60以上のデータセンターからなるRescaleのグローバルマルチクラウドHPCネットワーク上で高度なエンジニアリングシミュレーションを実行できます。高い処理能力を必要とするユーザーは、ScaleXを利用することにより数千のコアへのスケールアウトが可能になり、低価格で利用できるHPC構成から最先端のベアメタルシステム、低レイテンシーのInfiniBandインターコネクト、インテルやNVIDIAの最新GPUなどのCST STUDIO SUITEの稼働条件に最適化された各種ハードウェア構成を選択できます。

RescaleのScaleXプラットフォームには管理ツールやコラボレーションツールが組み込まれているため、チームメンバーとジョブを共有したりリソースの管理を行うことができます。さらに、エンタープライズ管理者は、ISO27001および27017、SOC2 タイプ2、ITAR、およびHIPAAなどの最高レベルのセキュリティ基準を満たすプラットフォーム上で、多要素認証、シングルサインオン、およびIPアドレス制限の設定などのクラス最高のセキュリティ機能を利用することができます。

「ダッソー・システムズのSIMULIAブランド傘下の新パートナーであるCSTと提携することに非常に興奮しています。CST STUDIO SUITEユーザーは、Rescaleが電磁界シミュレーションなどの計算量の多いツールに対してもたらす、高速で柔軟性のある、安全で巨大なオンデマンドリソースの恩恵を受けると確信しています。」RescaleのCEO、Joris Poortは述べています。

CSTのグローバルマーケティングディレクター、Dr. Martin Timmは、次のように述べています。「CST STUDIO SUITEは、世界クラスの電磁界シミュレーションのためのさまざまな数値法に基づいた高度かつ包括的ソルバーエンジンを提供します。これらのエンジンは、さまざまなタイプのハードウェアに最適化され実行します。RescaleのScaleXプラットフォームで利用できるようになることで、お客様はツールスイート全体で最高のパフォーマンスにアクセスできます。」

Rescaleは、2017年4月27 – 28日にドイツダルムシュタットで開催されるCST European User Conference2017にてブースを設け、CST STUDIO SUITEをRescaleのScaleXクラウドHPCプラットフォーム上で実行する利点についてプレゼンテーションを行います。
また、Rescale Japanは、2017年5月18日に東京品川で開催されるCST ユーザーグループミーティング2017に参加し、展示とプレゼンテーションを行います。

RescaleのScaleXプラットフォームの詳細については、 を参照してください。

This article was written by Rescale Japan.

The collaboration will bring next-generation computation power to the cloud


San Francisco, CA — Rescale is pleased to introduce the ScaleX Labs with Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors and Intel® Omni-Path Fabric managed by R Systems. The collaboration brings lightning-fast, next-generation computation to Rescale’s cloud platform for big compute, ScaleX Pro.

The Intel Xeon Phi processor is a bootable host processor that delivers massive parallelism and vectorization to support the most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The joint cloud solution also features Intel Omni-Path Fabric to deliver fast, low-latency performance. R Systems hosts Intel’s technology at their remote HPC data centers in Champaign, Illinois, providing white-glove implementation and maintenance to make Intel’s hardware seamlessly accessible on the cloud through Rescale. “This is another example how R Systems is committed in offering leading edge, bare metal technology to the HPC research community through its partnerships with Rescale and Intel,” added Brian Kucic, R Systems Principal.

These impressive HPC capabilities are available at no charge to users for four weeks through Rescale’s cloud platform for big compute, ScaleX Pro. ScaleX Pro provides users with an intuitive GUI for job execution (including pre- and post-processing) and seamless collaboration with peers, backed by best-in-class security protocols and certifications including annual SOC 2 Type 2 Certification and ITAR- and EAR-compliant infrastructure. ScaleX Labs users will also receive beta access to ScaleX Developer, Rescale’s product that allows software developers to create, publish, and run their own software on the ScaleX platform. Developing and deploying software to the cloud on Rescale is easy and seamless on ScaleX Developer, which follows the same GUI workflow as Rescale’s other ScaleX products and requires no special knowledge about how Rescale works.

“We are proud to provide a remote access platform for Intel’s latest processors and interconnect, and appreciate the committed cooperation of our partners at R Systems,” said Rescale CEO Joris Poort. “Our customers care about both performance and convenience, and the ScaleX Labs with Intel Xeon Phi processors brings them both in a single cloud HPC solution at a price point that works for everyone.”

“Intel is investing to offer a balanced portfolio of products for high-performance computing, including our leading Intel Xeon Phi processors and low-latency Intel Omni-Path Architecture,” said Barry Davis, General Manager, Accelerated Workload Group, Intel. “With increasing adoption of HPC applications to drive discovery and innovation, the ScaleX Labs with Intel Xeon Phi processors provides customers the opportunity to access high-performance compute capability in the cloud.”

Try Intel Xeon Phi processors on ScaleX Labs now.

About Rescale
Rescale is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top scientists and engineers to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private, and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world. For more information on Rescale’s ScaleX platform, visit

About R Systems
R Systems is a service provider of high performance computing resources. The company empowers research by providing leading edge technology with a knowledgeable tech team, delivering the best performing result in a cohesive working environment. Offerings include lease-time for bursting as well as for short-term and long-term projects, available at industry-leading prices. The R Systems central mission is to help researchers, scientists and engineers dramatically accelerate their time to solution. For more information visit or call (217) 954-1056.

Mika Pegors

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This article was written by Rescale.