Gabriel Broner

San Francisco, CA – Rescale, the leading enterprise big compute platform provider for engineering simulation and scientific research on cloud high-performance computing (HPC), today announced that Gabriel Broner has joined the company as Vice President and General Manager of High-Performance Computing.

Broner brings 25 years of industry experience to Rescale. He has held roles as operating system architect at Cray, general manager at Microsoft, head of innovation at Ericsson, and most recently vice president and general manager of high-performance computing at SGI.

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This article was written by Rescale.

Optisys is a small, radiofrequency (RF) antenna design company based in Utah. Using revolutionary 3D metal printing technology and 50+ years of experience in RF engineering, Optisys specializes in 3D printing custom RF antenna solutions for military and commercial applications. The company’s focused, highly-qualified team competes with established incumbent RF suppliers. Keep reading our interview with Optisys cofounder and CTO Mike Hollenbeck to hear how Optisys uses Rescale’s cloud platform to find strength in its size—by strategically using the cloud to tap into the world’s largest HPC infrastructure network while preserving the agility to move quickly and keep costs low.

Optisys image

Rescale: What should we know about Optisys?  Describe your company and your technology.

Mike Hollenbeck: We design, print, and test metal 3D-printed antennas and RF components. RF antenna design is a very unique field in that we only care about what’s on the inside of the object. To design a quality product in this industry, we have to be involved in the full cycle—from the RF design, to the mechanical design, to the design for additive manufacturing. Optisys fills a void in the 3D printing industry. Unlike a lot of contract manufacturers that primarily focus on printing parts with specific external features, we’re designing RF components with high-quality internal features using this brand new fabrication process that allows us to generate designs and geometries that you couldn’t even dream of five years ago.

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Rescale, Inc.が2017年6月19日にリリースした発表文の抄訳です。

A3 Vahana image

A3 Vahana

Rescaleは、A³とそのプロジェクトVahanaを革新的な新規顧客として発表しました。プロジェクトVahanaは、個人の航空移動の夢をエキサイティングな現実に変えまるプロジェクトです。 Vahanaはパイロットの免許を持たない人へパイロットを必要としない自律型航空機を導入することで、誰もが自由に飛行できるようにするという大胆な提案をしています。

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Jonathan Oakley

San Francisco, CA – Rescale, a leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, today announced that Jonathan Oakley has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing. Oakley has a background in engineering software and 15 years of experience in North American enterprise sales, marketing and business development for CST, a high-growth German-based simulation software company, through to its successful acquisition by Dassault Systemes in 2016.

Oakley will form part of the Rescale executive team and will be responsible for building the marketing team at Rescale and developing its core messaging, branding, and product awareness strategy, ensuring that the market understands the full potential and benefits of Rescale’s turnkey cloud HPC solution.

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This article was written by Rescale.