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Rescale offers a platform that enables government, research and academic institutions to utilize and leverage high performance computing on-premise, in the cloud and across multiple HPC centers. Users are presented with a single unified portal to submit jobs to systems on-premise, to multiple cloud providers or across HPC centers. Administrators are able to manage users, permissions, resources and budgets across the multiple environments. Continue reading

This article was written by Gabriel Broner.

Funding will accelerate development of Platform as a Service to meet increased demand for fast, secure product development

San Francisco, Calif., July 24, 2018 – Rescale, the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud, today announced that the company completed its Series B round of $32 million in funding, raising total investment in the company to $52 million. One of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world, in 2017 Rescale grew 30% month over month.

The new round of funding will enable Rescale to continue to invest in talent and develop the next generation of security and platform enhancements. The investment supports Rescale’s commitment to expand the largest and most powerful high performance computing infrastructure in the cloud, optimizing  customers’ digital transformation strategy to drive accelerated innovation.

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This article was written by Rescale.

New capabilities enable organizations to extend on-premise HPC to the cloud

San Francisco, Calif., June 25, 2018 Rescale, the HPC in the cloud company, today announced new hybrid cloud innovations to enable organizations to extend their fixed on-premise high performance computing (HPC) systems to the cloud. The majority of the HPC market is highly invested in on-premise infrastructure. However, leading organizations are benefiting from the flexibility, scalability and rapid innovation of the cloud. Continue reading

This article was written by Rescale.

Rescale and AWS are pleased to be collaborating with Intel at ISC 2018, June 24-28, in Frankfurt, Germany.  As part of Intel’s Collaboration Hub, MSC Software, a Rescale partner, will present capabilities and results from running Cradle CFD on Rescale’s ScaleX®cloud platform.   Continue reading

This article was written by Rescale.